Huuva brands

Green Hippo

Everyone's favorite restaurant Green Hippo offers healthy, filling, and affordable dishes, ranging from the classic avocado pasta to their legendary pancakes. Green Hippo makes it easy to choose vegetarian and vegan options, and they are always happy to accommodate dietary preferences.

Lie Mi

A fan-favorite Vietnamese restaurant Lie Mi offers a wide variety of sweet and spicy dishes. Our recommendation? Pick the renowned Shanghai Tacos and add a little spice with the delicious Vietnamese noodle salad. But, whatever you choose, you can’t go wrong with Lie Mi dishes!

Chicken Joint

We never thought chicken could be this versatile. Chicken Joint offers a wide range of chicken-based, yummy rice dishes, from spicy tempura to honey-glazed. They also have super-tasty vegan options: check out their famous yack fruit bowls!

Bär Bar

Good stuff from berries! BärBar is a Finnish smoothie and sandwich bar, that focuses on creating super tasty dishes from Nordic berries and superfoods. They avoid additives and hidden sugars in their menu, making them delicious and healthy!

Via Tribunali

Via Tribunali offers unique Neapolitan pizzas, whipped up with love and warmed in an authentic handmade wood-burning brick oven. Via Tribunali’s Neapolitan pizza truly embodies how authentic Italian pizza should be; soft, well-cooked, fragrant, and enclosed in a high, fluffy edge crust.

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