Huuva's virtual food courts make food delivery smart

Read below how Huuva's virtual food court model works for restaurants and food loving customers.


How Huuva's virtual food courts work


Multiple restaurants within one delivery

Huuva's virtual food court brings together multiple restaurants under one roof within the existing delivery platforms. Making it easy for a food loving customer to order dishes from multiple restaurants in one delivery.


Find a Huuva virtual food court suitable for you

All Huuva virtual food courts are located in optimal locations for restaurants to attract new food lovers and expand your business in a cost-effective way. At Huuva, you will only pay one comission which also includes third party delivery fees.


Bring in your staff and start cooking your delivery orders

Getting started with Huuva doesn't take months – the kitchens are ready for you to use in days, without large upfront costs, long-term lease agreements or renovation. Huuva helps your costs minimize and business grow at the same time, from the first day onwards.

Comparison of cost

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Huuva virtual food court
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End customer gets a fresh meal every time

Huuva's technology makes sure no dish gets left behind. Our software makes sure all food will be cooked in the optimal time, while our locations make it easy to pickup for couriers. Local food lovers will get your food delivered piping hot, every single time.


Grow your brand and scale your business

Expanding into new locations in new districts has never been easier. With the smartly located Huuva virtual food courts, restaurants will reach a vast new client pool who are excited to order great delivery food.

Why join Huuva

Turn food delivery sales into a profitable business

Huuva's model increases your capacity for food delivery, while lowering costs and creating a healthy profit.

Expand with low risk

Open new locations easily around new districts with minimal investments and maximum brand visibility – no long-term lease agreements or commitment to multi-year deals.

Ensure hassle-free operations

We handle the kitchen operating system and delivery pick-ups while you can focus on your core business – the food.

Reach more food-loving customers

Huuva's virtual court model will bring your food to a new pool of customers. All kitchen locations are smartly placed to reach new food-loving customers easily.

Want to join Huuva?

We are on the look-out for new restaurants to join our growing community.