How it works

Find a Huuva kitchen near you

Everyone should be able to enjoy superb delivery food – which is why our kitchens are located near neighborhoods that are still lacking restaurant options. Check out our kitchen locations here.

Mix and match dishes by your favorite brands

Huuva brings together your favorite restaurant brands under one roof, orderable through your favorite food delivery platforms. The best part? With us, you can do both the smoothie bowl and the pizza!

The recipes you love, with a bit of help from tech

Once you place your order at Huuva, our cooks get to work with the recipes you already know from the restaurants you love. Our kitchen technology makes sure all the food gets ready at the same time.

Enjoy your food – while IT'S HOT!

We make it easy for you: you can either order through the delivery platforms or come and pick it up on your own. Either way, we promise you will get your dish fresh as a daisy.

Find your perfect (food) match

Let's order some food!