Introducing Huuva – the new, smart way for delivered food

Huuva was founded to scale delivery-friendly local hero restaurants easily while maintaining sustainable unit economics. In short, Huuva makes food delivery a good deal for both restaurants and the eaters.

Read how Huuva started

We make delivery food smart for restaurants

Huuva was started from the fact that while the food delivery business grows with an enormous pace, restaurants are still often operating at razor thin margins. At the same high-quality selection is the privilege of city centers, leaving out a vast pool of eaters.

While improving the quality of delivery food

Too often the customer experience gets left behind – we've all been there with the cold pizza. At the same time it was difficult to find restaurants that “had it all for all” for friend groups and families. That's why we created Huuva's virtual food court model.

Helping restaurants grow

Huuva helps food delivery make sense for restaurants through taking care of all the hassles. That way restaurants can focus on what they do the best: the food. Huuva's virtual court model also makes it easy for restaurants to test and try new flavours, locations and dishes – making it the best possible way to grow your restaurant business.

With the help of software and smooth logistics

Huuva's kitchens are designed for seamless food delivery through optimal locations, ready-to-use infrastructure and our proprietary software that makes it easy for restaurants to cook what's needed, when it's needed. Our fulfillment team makes sure every dish gets delivered as they should, at the time they should.

Join Huuva's journey

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