Frequently asked questions

What is Huuva?

Huuva is the next-generation virtual food court for commercial restaurants looking to optimize their food delivery business. In a nutshell, Huuva operates technology enabled kitchens in the most optimal locations for delivery food around cities. Restaurants can focus on the cooking, while Huuva takes care of everything else. This helps restaurants minimize costs and maximize returns from delivery food, while serving delicious dishes to eaters every single time.

How do virtual food courts work?

It's simple. Instead of cooking your delivery food at your restaurant, you can either allocate the preparation of all your existing delivery sales to one of the Huuva's kitchens or use them as satellite locations to expand your reach. Customers order your food online, you'll prepare it in one of our kitchens with the help of our assistive software. Huuva gives restaurants a low cost way to reach high efficiency and profitable way for cooking delicious delivery food.

Why should a restaurant join Huuva?

Food delivery has turned out to be a challenge for restaurants. Operating your delivery business from a brick & mortar location is not sustainable for many kitchens. To find a solution for this, Huuva has created several physical kitchens around the larger Helsinki area, bringing the cost down and expanding the restaurants client base. In a nutshell, Huuva makes food delivery a smart business to be in for restaurants.

How does the software work?

All of our physical kitchens are powered with Huuva's own software system. When you order from a Huuva location, you can order multiple dishes from different kitchens inside the location. Our software makes sure that all food orders will be started at the optimal time for them to get ready at the same time. The system enables multiple kitchens to act as one without friction, resulting in delicious food every single time.

Which restaurants are already using Huuva?

We'll be announcing the first restaurant brands soon.

How much does Huuva cost for restaurants?

We operate purely on a comission based model, this comission also includes the comissions of third party delivery services. If you are interested in joining Huuva's community, send us a message at and we'll be glad to tell you more.

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Want to join Huuva?

We are on the look-out for new restaurants to join our growing community.