Huuva's virtual food courts are the new way of making delivered food

Designed for delivery. Huuva let's you focus on the food while taking care of the everyday operations of food delivery.

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Why join Huuva

Turn food delivery sales into a profitable business

Huuva's model increases your capacity for food delivery, while lowering costs and creating a healthy profit.

Expand with low risk

Open new locations easily around new districts with minimal investments and maximum brand visibility – no long-term lease agreements or commitment to multi-year deals.

Ensure hassle-free operations

We handle the kitchen operating system and delivery pick-ups while you can focus on your core business – the food.

Reach more food-loving customers

Huuva's virtual court model will bring your food to a new pool of customers. All kitchen locations are smartly placed to reach new food-loving customers easily.

Low costs, streamlined operations

Our kitchens are optimized for delivery sales. You can focus on the cooking while Huuva’s team takes care of the kitchen maintenance as well as packing and dispatching the deliveries.

Kitchen operations, simplified

Huuva’s software makes your kitchen’s day to day operations flow seamlessly. Instead of printing paper tickets, Huuva’s easy-to-use app tells your staff exactly when to start cooking the next delivery meal – resulting in a delicious dish every single time.

Huuva vs. brick and mortar

Calculate the cost of a delivery meal made in a Huuva Cloud Kitchen and see it for yourself.

Reach new food lovers

Huuva’s virtual food courts are located close to heavy delivery demand, making it easy for restaurants to reach a new vast audience of customers. Through our virtual food courts, customers are also able to order from different restaurants with just one delivery.

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See how a popular hamburger brand agilely expanded their business all across Scandinavia using Huuva Cloud Kitchens.

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"We joined Huuva the instant we heard about them. Their platform has boosted our sales and efficiency in the kitchen to a whole new level."

– Matti Meikäläinen, Ravintola XY

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– Matti Meikäläinen, Ravintola XY

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– Matti Meikäläinen, Ravintola XY

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– Matti Meikäläinen, Ravintola XY

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